About German Shepherd's and Us

German Shepherd's "R" Us specializes in raising the Highest Quality Standards of World Sieger German Bloodlines. Our German Shepherd Puppies and German Shepherd Dogs Are Good Offer Protection of Children, Families and Single Women. We are located in Miami, Florida. We are a family owned business with the personal touch not offered at most kennels. 

German Shepherd dogs: German Lines vs American Lines

Throughout the years of owning and working with German Shepherds we have been around both the German bloodlines and the American bloodlines. In our experience the American lines do not have the same qualifications offered by the German lines. To read about the difference of both breeds go to German lines vs American lines

German Shepherd working line vs. showline

It is very important for someone to understand the difference, because there is a vast difference. The working lines are exceptional at what they are bred to do. They have extremely high energy which makes them better for law enforcement when searching hours for a suspect or sniffing large areas for drugs. A working dog has to have something to do at all times or they will get bored. That kind of energy does not work well for a family and in a home atmosphere.

The West German show line German Shepherd dog is naturally protective, not afraid of any situation, proven to be the best generation after generation and still have the calmness to be good with children. A show line German Shepherd dog cannot be distracted or show any aggression towards the judge, stud dogs or female dogs around them, but be ready to bite when asked too. For any dog to accomplish all these things is remarkable. 

Our Puppies and Home-Family Environment

Our females when they are pregnant are kept in the house. They relax all day on the couch, happy and healthy. When they are ready to birth the puppies we take the whelping box where we whelp the puppies.


We are with them throughout the entire delivery. We assist the mother as needed. We make sure the puppies are getting plenty of milk. Then we will move them to the puppy room in our house. I get up throughout the night to check on the mother and the puppies to make sure everyone is doing okay. The mother and the puppies will stay in the house until they are weaned at five weeks old. Then I move the mother to our kennels.

Our puppies are allowed to run around our house when they are old enough to walk. We are always giving the puppies a lot of attention. I believe in imprinting the puppies from the time they are born.